The Family Saver Card is a membership card that gives discounts on all types of leisure and entertainment activities for families or any adult that takes children under the age of 16 years old.

Entertainment and leisure such as:
• Restaurants
• Sports activities
• Cinemas
• Theme parks
• Adventure Parks
• Zoos and farms
• Holiday parks etc.
• Bowling etc

The card will be used at all organisations that partner to the acceptance of the Family Saver Card requirements, initially in the UK and later around the world as we grow and expand.


Membership is by purchasing an annual card for the Price of £39.97. This gives you unlimited usage at any of our partner organisations.

Also membership will give:

• Membership Welcome pack
• Regular Magazine with lots of information on family activity ideas
• Competitions, activities, information for children and adults, etc.
• A chance to win a prize for family of 4 in our monthly membership draw
• A chance to give back to society at no extra cost to you
• Above all making HUGE SAVINGS all year round.


Benefits to Partners:

• Increase in profit and customers
• Free publicity
• Opportunity to increase revenue as members will always need to spend before discount or free allowance given
• Increase in customers over their competitors
• Opportunity of repeat business
• Helping to keep families together

As a partner all we ask for is 1 free child place per full paying adult, or a 50% discount on an adult cost if child price isn't available.

It is important that Partners agree child discount for children up to age 16 years old.



Over the years, children generally over the age of 12 years are being treated as adults whenever they undertake entertainment activities and are expected to pay adult prices.
These have been causing a burden on family finances, and in return means that these age group over 12 years are rarely out with parents, carers or other adults. Not only does this decrease their chances of learning social integration but also causes family divide.
This age group then also have to make or find their own entertainments most of the time leading to boredom or stuck in their bedrooms on computer games.

The Family Saver Card aim to solve most of these problems with our innovative membership card service


Family Saver Card can be purchased by:
• Post
• Internet
• School PTA
• By phone
• In person

The card will also make an excellent present for someone or a family; may be for birthday or Christmas etc.


Charities are a great source of help to society and rely heavily on society’s generosity of donations and grants to operate, helping those in extreme need.

With funding cuts from governments and scarcity of spare money from Local Authorities, it is even more important in the current economic climate for charities to find funding elsewhere.

The Family Saver Card will give a percentage of its revenue from card sales to two family and children orientated charities, our two charities are FamilyFund that supports disabled children, our in house charity Family Saver Card foundation which we set up to help less well-off families with academically able children fund further education - at no additional costs to members or partners.

Partners and members can therefore feel proud that they are giving back to society just by being a member.



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