Diggerland Devon
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Diggerland’s Adventure Parks were the brainchild of Hugh Edeleanu, Chairman of H. E. Services, the largest supplier of digging construction machinery for hire in Europe. Hugh hit on the idea of Diggerland following a family open day. The children were fascinated by all the machinery and just sitting in the cabs of diggers, which to them were larger than life toys and it seemed their playrooms had come to life. It made their day. From seeing this Hugh could see an exciting venture and the concept of Diggerland was born. This is Diggerland’s history!

What sets Diggerland apart from its competitors is that it truly is a fun day out for all the family – all ages can participate in the day although for the very young they may have to take control of the digger from the safety of their parents’ laps. Perfect for a family days out!

The concept of Diggerland is simple yet unique. It was not enough to just park some construction machinery on a site and open the gates; much more meticulous planning has gone into the creation of the Diggerland brand, which in the twelve years it has been trading has gone from strength to strength. Each of our parks offer over 20 different rides and drives and every year new rides are introduced to the parks.

The secret of Diggerland’s success is that it has never moved away from its design concept – all rides and drives must be construction based but must also offer the thrills and excitement demanded by visitors, who are constantly being offered new alternatives. Yes, you can drive a dumper truck or a digger, but you can also enjoy the challenge of The Land Rover Safari, enjoy the view from The Skyshuttle or take a whirl in Spindizzy – not for the faint hearted but a design sensation.

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Locations: Kent, Devon, Durham and Castleford. Diggerland is currently building another UK theme park in Evesham country park, Worcestershire.

What You Get: Child Goes Free.


Diggerland Devon
Verbeer Manor
Devon EX15 2PE
United Kingdom
Phone: 0871 22 77 007
Email: mail@diggerland.com
Website: http://www.diggerland.com/