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Let’s go right back to about 1975 shall we? Well, my Mother used to hold coffee mornings at home for the neighbours. There would be a chalk board outside on the pavement (we lived in a cul-de-sac) with the menu, date and time of her event! Absolutely free! My Mother was a real people person and from this I developed a love for coffee and socialising. Mum was never happy unless she had a full house! Her coffees back then were what, I suppose, you would call lattes/cappuccinos now. Creamy heated milk and just the right amount of coffee and sugar – I LOVED my Mothers’ coffee! Frothy coffee she would call it.

So, looking back, I guess this was what gave me the idea of doing my own coffee nights in the summer of 2012. Hugely successful, with friends filling out survey forms telling me the truth about how the coffee tasted and a chance to criticise my hosting skills! From there, Mr Ken’s was born and I became known, affectionately, as “Coffee Ken.”

Having ended full time employment and been to many a gourmet coffee making course, my idea began which was to take the coffee shop to the people rather than the people come to me. So at the heart of Mr Ken’s, are the events… Plain and simple – we do gourmet coffees and teas for events. No mess. No fuss. Just great tasting coffee at a competitive price.

Who knows what the future holds or what Mr Ken’s will become in years to come. But what I do know is that when you get great people together at a great event enjoying my coffees while they chat and relax… One thing is clear:


What you get: 1 child’s drink FREE per full paying adult purchasing Drink and Cake, with a vaild Family Saver Card. (See website for locations

Mr Ken’s
Bournemouth and
Poole United Kingdom