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“Eat Cake, It’s Somebody’s Birthday Somewhere!”

Scrumpalicious started out with a young lady known as Melissa Reid. As a keen baker she started out baking cupcakes for friends and family trying and testing different flavour combinations. Melissa consistently received good reviews for her phenomenal cupcakes. As she pursued with her baking she began to get more and more requests for her cupcakes. This sparked an idea for her to create her own company and allow the general public to embrace her cupcakes ideal for weddings, birthday parties or self-indulgent. Thus Scrumpalicious was born.

Scrumpalicious is proud to present freshly handmade cupcakes you’ll adore and enjoy. All cupcakes and treats are freshly baked from as many British ingredients as possible to support our British trade. We use biodegradable recycled packaging to substantially reduce our carbon footprint.

We offer a broad range of freshly baked cupcakes that are available for those long meetings which need sweetening and for those quick gatherings which require a little something on the side.

What you get: A child gets a FREE child size cupcake with every fullsize cupcake purchased with a vaild Family Saver Card. (See website for loctaions

Scrumpalicious Cupcakes
South East London
London United Kingdom